Updates and Events

At present I am refreshing my familiarity with content management systems by using WordPress to create a blog and a support site for a basic computer skills course. I will also be looking at Drupla and Joomla, and comparing how effective these packages are for these purposes.

A few of the websites I have created

Just click on the screenshot image to see the website I created for each of these clients. These pages were all hand-coded as I have developed a strong ability with XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and MySQL.

This site is for a local Irish music duo. As well as XHTML and CSS, it uses JavaScript for the gallery page, and PHP for the message form.

screenshot from website for irish music duo

This site was created for the learning centre set up by the CWU at Chester Mailcentre. The ECDL revision test pages use PHP and MySQL.

screenshot from website for royal mail learning centre

This was created for a company that provides psychological services. As I have studied psychology, I worked mostly on creating the content for this site and was only partly involved in developing the code for the pages.

screenshot from website for psychologist

This was a simple, static website created for a firm of surveyors.

screenshot from website for diamond consulting
silhouette of man

About Me

I recently completed my BSc in computer science, gaining a first class honours degree classification. Over the three years of the degree I completed a number of projects. As well as the sites in the centre column, I also was involved in a number of other projects including the creating of a booking system for conference rooms, an improved website for Chester Zoo using geographic location systems, and an improved database for a beauty company and a supermarket. I was also part of a team that helped set up a Linux system for a local hotel.