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Thank you for your interest in the first European Conference on DIGITAL PSYCHOLOGY: Digital Perspectives in Psychology.

To register, please choose your ticket between SFU, Student (other University) or Regular:

  • Early registration € 150
  • Late registration € 170

Avaiable for all students and alumni of all SFU branches and for SFU teachers. Also avaiable for Studi Cognitivi students.

  • Early registration € 180
  • Late registration € 200

Available for all university students (bachelor, master, and Ph.D.). Proof of enrolment is required during the registration (e.g., screenshot of the personal page containing name and surname, academic year, student ID).

  • Early registration € 210
  • Late registration € 230

Available for professionals, psychologists, researchers, psychotherapy school students and similar (i.e., whoever do not fit in SFU Student or Student). Professional CBT-Italia members will get a 10% discount by entering the code CBTITALIA during registration; proof of enrolment to CBT-ITALIA is required (e.g., screenshot of the personal page containing name and surname, badge number). If you are a student and also a CBT-Italia member you will not have access to the 10% discount.

Early registration deadline: 15th October 2020 15th November 2020.
Late registration deadline: 15th December 2020.

Registration includes:

  • access to all Lectio Magistralis, Poster Sessions, exhibitions and demonstrations;
  • all networking breaks (Coffee Breaks will be served on Friday and Saturday twice a day).