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Erickson was founded in 1984 by psychologists Dario Ianes and Fabio Folgheraiter, who originally published texts on disability.

This commitment has strengthened over time combining scientific rigor and practicality, facing topics linked to education, pedagogy, psychology and psychotherapy, social work, speech therapy, health and wellness.

Today, Erickson shares knowledge and skills to encourage inclusion in every context – with particular attention to education and social issues – through books, educational games, magazines, conferences, training courses and software.

State of Mind is an online journal of psychology, psychotherapy, neuroscience and psychiatry. It was founded in 2011, nowadays it’s the most visited website of psychology and psychotherapy in Italy. 

Studi Cognitivi is an Italian group of psychotherapy schools specializing in CBT and clinical centers for psychodiagnostic assessment, individual and group psychotherapy.   

Gruppo Studi Cognitivi is a leader in Italy in psychotherapy. It is specializes in advanced training, research, scientific dissemination and clinical services for mental health.

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