Luca Bernardelli

Psychologist, co-founder and CEO of BECOME

Luca Bernardelli is a psychologist focused on the study of psychotechnologies and technopathologies, he is the co-founder and CEO of “BECOME. Research and Psychology Hub”, a start-up specialising in positive technology solutions designed with Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, and co-author and trainer for the psychological method called “Augmented Psychology”. With twenty years of experience for Tech Enterprises, from the Californian Silicon Valley to the Israeli Silicon Wadi, he is the co-founder and Sales Manager of “BOWMAN – Data Matter”, a software company specialising in Big Data and Machine Learning fields, as well as the owner of “EXPANDA – Enterprise Content Platform” and “ALGORILLA – Knowledge Discovery Platform” solutions. Among others, he was the co-designer and correlator of the conference “Technostress. The new challenge for companies to protect worker safety”, a tutor at the Workshop “Positive Technologies” within the Congress “XII National Days of Positive Psychology”, and a speaker at the event “Psychology, what a feat! Innovating the profession: needs, strategies and new areas of intervention” organised by the Lombardy Board of Psychologists. For Giunti Psychometrics, he implemented the digital training session “Telepsychology: a technical-operational study and a look at the future of technologies for the psychologist” and is a member of the Faculty of Psychology Steering Committee of the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore of Milan.