Ambra Ferrari

Communication and New Media lecturer for Horizon Psytech & Games

Ambra Ferrari is a Communication and New Media lecturer for Horizon Psytech & Games. She obtained her Ph.D. in Education in Contemporary Society at the University of Milan Bicocca with a research project on the Uncanny Valley phenomenon, human empathy toward non playable characters and players’ perception of their human likeness. Following the Video Game Therapy® approach, her main research interests involve players’ relationship with their avatars and using Video Games as an auto ethnographic tool.

Dr Ferrari teaches Ludonarrative , Player Experience and the benefits of commercial video games on cognitive development and value enrichment at the Master of Digital Psychology organized by Horizon Psytech & Games and IDEGO. As a member of the scientific board of Play Better , she has expertise in using new technologies and video games to enhance human well being along the life circle. Finally, she is a trainer in gamified corporate contexts, teaching conflict resolution, effective communication, and emotional intelligence.