Digital Perspectives in Psychology

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Reasons Why

International speakers

Our speakers will illustrate how psychology is evolving thanks to new technologies, reviewing the latest in Digital Psychology and presenting their latest research.


Our sponsors and partners will show how their products and digital tools can support and improve the work of psychologists, from research to clinical practice.

Poster sessions

Poster sessions will highlight the huge impact of technological progress on Psychology, offering the chance to exchange ideas and promote the growth of young researchers.

Keynote Speaker

Daniel Freeman

Professor of Clinical Psychology in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Oxford

Professor Freeman is pioneering virtual reality (VR) as a treatment for people with severe mental health problems. In recent years, he has been developing and testing automated psychological therapy delivered in VR. Through VR we can place people into computer simulations of the situations that trouble them in the real world. Immersive VR could become a way for people to access the very best psychological therapy.

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