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* Lectio Magistralis *
AI in Behavioral Health and Psychological Science: Are You Prepared?

David D. Luxton, Keynote Speaker della conferenza

The application of machine learning algorithms to implement the use of Child and Adolescent Needs and Strenghts 0-5 (CANS) in a mental health service for children

Laura Caligari

AI in Action: Pioneering an Algorithm for Smoke-Free Living through Wearable Tech

Pasquale Caponetto

Exploring the Role of Chatbots and Virtual Assistants in Adolescent Mental Health Treatment: A Scoping Review

Paola Cardinali

Using a Social Robot to Engage Older Adults Living in Residential Care Homes in Cognitive Training: Preliminary Results From the Shapes Project

Lisa Cesario

TEO: a new frontier for Artificial Intelligence applied to Mental Health

Tommaso Ciulli

The relationship between basic and complex emotions: The case of generative art

Simona Collina

Smart Tools for Decision Maker Psychological Profiling

Flavio Luis de Mello

Magic screens and precious signs: A screening project for the study of writing development

Gaia Di Giamberardino

Comprehensive Evaluation of Emotional Intelligence in Large Language Models: A Dual-Focus on General Emotional Awareness and Personalization for Personality Structures

Zohar Elyoseph

Ethical Implications of Digitized Intimacy with Non-Corporeal AI Agents

Ambra Ferrari e Daniele Brussolo

Computational psychotherapy: enhancing evidence-based therapy through the integration of predictive machine learning models into the Greta-InTherapy online platform

Silvia Grazioli

Three challenges and a puzzle: A philosophical appraisal of therapeutic chatbots

JP Grodniewicz

Willingness to use serious games in psychotherapeutic treatment: An international comparison of psychotherapists and patients

Jessica Huss

Automatic Depression Detection Through Compound Facial Expressions

Salman Mohammed Jiddah

Virtual reality as an evaluation tool for attentional deficits in patients with acquired brain injury

Daniel Perez-Marcos

Psychological Assessment in the Era of Artificial Intelligence

Andrew Schwartz

Artificial Intelligence in Education

Carlo Scognamiglio

Results of a qualitative Delphi survey to determine the indication and contraindication criteria of video-based psychotherapy sessions

Isabelle Thurmann

Facial expression recognition: form Artificial Intelligence and Psychological Perspectives

Kamil Yurtkan