Angela Cattoni

PhD student in Psychology and Cognitive Sciences

Angela Cattoni is a Neuroscientist. She obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Literature and Philosophy and later her Master’s degree in Neuroscience at the University of Trento. She is currently studying a Doctoral Course in Psychology and Cognitive Sciences at the Department of Psychology and Cognitive Sciences (DiPSCo) at the University of Trento, and collaborates with the Laboratory of Observation Diagnosis and Training (ODFLab) of the University of Trento and with the Gamification Group Network of Tampere University (Finland).

She carries out research activities in the educational-didactic field with regard to innovative and effective learning methodologies, with a particular focus on the motivational and educational aspects of playful and videogaming activities, as well as on the experience that students, both neurotypical or those with Specific Learning Disorders (known as DSA in Italian), have in dealing with modern technologies. Since 2015, she has also collaborated with Erickson on various projects and activities related to the planning of educational software, digital platforms and educational games.